Dalung, a stitch in time saves nine…..

We have followed carefully the turn of events in the last few days, we have monitored your several interviews and it now seem sir, that, there is an agenda unfolding, that will be fully unveiled in the days to come.

First it was a stern warning to the football house telling them to cut down on the delegation heading to Russia, then you followed that up with the issue of the NFF going public with elections plans even with unresolved court cases still hanging around their necks.

Mr Dalung sir, we appreciate the efforts taken so far by your ministry to mediate in the matter, we will however appreciate it sir, if you will take a decisive position and save our football from an impending doom

We need you to take a stance on all these unresolved issues and stop taking the wet meat out of the hot soup.

We truly want to know what exactly is your stance as regards the Supreme court ruling of April 27 as we are tired of all the unwanted suspense created by your silence

Sir, are you saying that you are not aware of the crisis rocking the supporters club? Are you also saying that you are not aware that one of the groups have since metamorphosed into the NIGERIA EAGLES Supporters Club and for the purpose of clarity, the purported letter to NATIP was could be the handiwork of one of the groups aimed at derailing the activities of the other.

Honorable minister sir, let me remind you again that your priority for now should be how to ensure that the Super Eagles get maximum support from government and well meaning Nigerians as they head to Russia. That alone will place you up there as the hero of our hearts.

All the regents releases laced with serious undertones are not really necessary as it will only ignite the already charged atmosphere

As the sports minister, your yes must always be yes and your no must be no. Sir we need you to take very decisive stance at all times.

We will appreciate you more if you are firm on all matters as it affects our sports.

Nigeria sports during your tenure as sports minister has seen too many crisis.

The Taekwondo, Boxing, Rugby, Judo, Athletics, Gymnastics Basketball and football federations have moved from one crisis to the other in the last few years since you came on board. It is not because you are not capable as a leader but because you have failed to be decisive when it mattered and that is one major reason why we are where we are today.

The CHRIS GIWA VS AMAJU PINNICK Crisis was a case you inherited but some of us who celebrated your coming are disappointed that till this day you have not done anything remarkable to find a lasting solution to the crises.

Methinks, you still have till the end of president Buhari’s four year tenure, to make amends and stamp your foot on the sands of time.

We must remember Dalung for something and not for crisis.

By Adewale Ajayi

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