NFF executive committee members demand for Pinnick’s head over Wike’s $250,000

With barely 15 days to Nigeria’s first match of the 2018 FIFA World cup, the seeming bond of unity in the executive committee of the Pinnick NFF is finally broken.

Things are now falling apart and the center can no longer hold.

Pinnick has murdered sleep and so he can sleep no more. So says a board member who has threatened to publish all the atrocities of Pinnick on National newspapers and expose all the dirty deals in Nigeria football since, he Pinnick, emerged as controversial NFF President in September, 2014.

This latest enemy is not Pinnick’s Port Harcourt nemesis, who has recently moved from being a sworn enemy to a close friend, after huge monies allegedly exchanged hands between them just before the friendly match with Congo in Port Harcourt.

Latest revelations from the Port Harcourt game which ended 1-1, confirm that chieftains of the illegal NFF executive committee are at daggers drawn with their president for eloping with governor Wike’s largesse totalling 250,000 dollars.

The sad story is that all the board members who went to Port Harcourt for the match, travelled with their personal monies but returned empty handed because according to information they were told that their President had eloped with the 250,000 US dollars released by the Rivers state government for the smooth organisation the game played on a bumpy pitch in Port Harcourt.

Wike’s Aides who delivered the money at his Ikoyi home in Lagos also allegedly have issues to grind with Pinnick whom they said, did not give them a dime of the largesse.

Apart from that, Pinnick also sidelined his board members in the recent meeting with president Muhammadu Buhari, preferring to attend the function with his trusted friend, Mallam Shehu Dikko.

“Both men have done our football more havoc than good and it is high time we fight this high handedness and free our ourselves from these greedy fellas,” an angry board member said.

As at Tuesday, the NFF Secretariat was in total mess and disorder as board members besieged the office of the general secretary demanding for their fan IDs or else hell will be let loose.

They returned on Wednesday and Thursday for same purpose but nothing was resolved with barely two weeks to the World cup.

On Wednesday, Pinnick and his ‘twin brother’ (LMC chairman) left aboard a luxury chattered flight with players and officials of the Super Eagles to London while board members were told to join the party on Thursday. They all arrived Thursday evening fuming with anger and bitterness.

“All the promises made by this man, end on the pages of Newspapers,” one of the board members from the north said.”

“They have left us in the dark for too long and the time to fight is now. We cannot pretend like all is well when all is not well.”

“They gave each board member two additional slots to be in Russia, we have all made promises to members of our state FAs hoping that they will fulfil these promises but as we speak, nothing concrete is forthcoming. We have kept quiet for the good of the game but we can no longer pretend like we are happy when we are not.”

Another board member from the east, said, “We all know that Pinnick is a PDP member and he cannot deny the fact that he is a card carrying politician.”

“We are not against the long standing relationship that exists between himself, Governor Udom of Akwa Ibom state and Wike of Rivers state. These men are his backbones and he has made billions at the expense of his loyal followers but all we demand of him is fairness and trust.”

‘We stood by him while the storm was seriously raging, he cannot dump us like rags, we will cannot go down without a fight.”

“We are fed up! We are not like that brother of his from the South South who goes about blackmailing the board for favours. We are ready to fight now and there is no going back.”

“We want to let Pinnick know that we are not weaklings, we only kept quiet all these while for peace to reign. The die is cast,” he concluded.

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