NFF Crisis: A Candid Position

The drama started in 2014 when Giwa went to court to get an interim esparte order stop elections of September 30th against the football rules. The elections hold and he sued Maigari and Musa plus 36 FA chairmen for contempt.

Maigari and Co has to defend themselves in court and were never convicted for contempt as there was no proof anyone was served the expartee interim order and they told the Judge its a football matter subject to football rules. the judge still recklessly went to annul elections among other reliefs.

What would NFF do? They have to appeal and filed a motion that this is a football matter not subject to the ordinary court of Law.

The matter was subsequent withdrawn and the motion to dismiss the case as its a football Matter not subject to ordinary courts has been in the court since 2014.

Giwa went to CAS between November 2014 to May 18, 2015 when the matter was decided.

The matter of 2016 came about when Giwa went back to court to relist the case he withdrawn on September 30 2014 and seek orders to restore the interim orders of 2014.

NFF only appeal this matter of relisting to the court of Appeal and court said yes having withdrawn the case voluntarily it should not be relisted.

Giwa appealed to Supreme Court and the court said go back to trial court to start the matter from the afresh and let it be determine on its on merit…. This is because the Supreme Court found the matter has never ever been heard but it has been all about one interim order or exparte order or relisting….

Now Giwa has gone to get an Exparte order (Not Supreme Court Judgement as being speculated) to take over NFF and NFF still have to file motion to set it aside… and also demand that the motion pending since 2014 seeking to dismiss the case as its a football matter not subject to ordinary court be heard…

This are the two motions now being heard in JOS

How does this translate to NFF going to court?? Did NFF just wake up to go to APPEAL COURT? A foundation must have been laid by someone suing NFF at the lower court before NFF can go to appeal court?

By Adewale Ajayi

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