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For more than 50 years, Worldwide Marriage Encounter has helped over 3.

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We help couples learn practical, ongoing communication tools over the course of a hour Weekend experience beginning at p. The Weekend is based on the Christian faith and we encourage Christ-centered marriage. Click For More Info. All rights reserved. Site De While all of the resources on this site and the ministries that provide them advocate a biblical approach to building healthy marriages, their viewpoints are not necessarily those of the filmmakers.

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And I'm glad it is. We have 3 bio children and 1 foster child under the age of 7! Each getaway begins Friday evening and continues through noon on Sunday.

Timeless biblical principles provide the tools to help all relationships. So much accomplished and uncovered and resolved in just a few days. No matter where or when you choose to attend, our vision remains the same—to provide encouragement, hope, and practical tools to help build and grow your marriage. I never knew 'great marriages are intentional, not born.

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Find Your Getaway. We always discover something that has muddied the waters of our marriage and come away with the water clear and our commitment to each other and God renewed.

Here's the Plan. God is healing our marriage of 30 years and we will make it.

We are a newly married couple and we were able to hear what a healthy marriage should be and look like. I think this prepared us in a way that no book could have.

This had never been on my radar. On average, our guests say their marriage went from a 4 to an 8 in just one weekend! Life is going fast and we need to be reminded of our priorities — God first, then our marriage, then our children.

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This weekend was a pause button for us. This is our fourth Weekend to Remember. Individually, couples complete special projects deed to reignite the spark and keep the flame burning! Renewal has taken place! Marriage is a lifelong adventure of growing together through every age and stage of life.

Find out why over million couples have attended familylife’s weekend to remember.

We have 93 Weekend to Remember events annually across the globe. Find out why over 1. Why Attend? Life-changing, family changing, community changing — world changing.

Uncover the secrets of a lasting, supportive, transformational marriage!

One Getaway, Many Locations. Everyone Is Welcome. Look for a Getaway in your hometown or travel to a destination location for a mini-vacation! View Itinerary. Everyone is welcome: the divorced, the on-the-verge of divorce, the deliriously-in-love, the betrothed, the newlyweds, the wise, and the seasoned.

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I came here to fix my wife, found out it was me that needed fixing. We reconnected in these three days more than in 2 years of being married. You will never be asked to share intimate details of your relationship with anyone.

This conference reinvented us and sparked a new life in our marriage. We know what we need to change and have the tools for a successful marriage. You will hear from expert couples that practice what they preach.

We reconnected and recommitted our marriage and ministry after an affair. Learn More. Extremely eye opening, I feel like I have been given the answers to a test I had been failing for years.

They are dynamic, fun presenters who teach biblically-centered and professional-sound concepts. The happiest couples are those who commit to learning skills that help them weather difficult seasons and deal confidently with relationship challenges. For more than 42 years we have witnessed healing, restoration, and reconciliation. We are excited about starting out the right way!!