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Click on the picture for In Town Tonight Introduction. At the end the announcer would command ' Carry on London!

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Grandpa : "'Old 'ard Maggie. Another minute and you'll hear the BBC chap shout 'Stop! In Town Tonight was a national institution which started on the Home Service on 18 November and lasted right through until on Saturday nights at about pm.

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The show had dropped 'scripted' interviews completely to get a more authentic 'live' feel. In Town Tonight used two writers at the this time, Bertie Chapman and Kenneth Myer who would talk to the guests about a week before the broadcast to extract the best stories from them and boil them down to three-minute conversations.

The second showed it on a set built at the BBC's Lime Grove studios, with microphones out of camera range. Danny Kaye went back to the States and talked about the programme with the result that other American stars knew about In Town Tonightand were more approachable to make appearances whenever they were in London.

Preparations for the TV transmission had started six months before broadcast with subtle changes to the radio show. The first was of the programme as it was broadcast live from Broadcasting House.

John was shaken for a moment, but Danny was great. Peter Duncan had ed the programme as an 'effects boy' in and had worked his way up to become its producer by By the time the series came to television he had produced broadcasts involving around 3, people. The radio series continued for another 4 years. Except for late arrivals-included to give the show a topical feel-most interviews were run through at a full rehearsal.

Duncan had persuaded the American entertainer and movie star Danny Kaye to appear on the programme, but Kaye, who was more of a visual performer, was reluctant at first. If a man has an interesting story to tell, he will usually be a good subject for TV. Before the programme went out as a live television broadcast there were two filmed trial runs.

Duncan then travelled to the US, at his own expense, to see for himself how American TV and radio worked. Published on December 22nd, Since twenty-five per cent of script reading had been dispensed with. An early example of chat show radio, In Town Tonight was broadcast on that medium on Saturday evenings from to Due to the popularity of the series, on 6 Aprilthe show began a simultaneous broadcast on radio and television, helping 38 year-old producer Peter Duncan achieve an ambition of making the famous Sound programme a visual delight without robbing it of any interest for the radio listeners.

Duncan and his technicians studied both films and settled on the second format for its television debut. Duncan's main concern was that presenters and guests should not 'play to the camera' - "If they did that," he said "it would be at the expense of the radio listener, which would never do.

Interviewed a few days before the first TV show was broadcast, Duncan said "It is what people say that will make it best for both mediums. Guests included ordinary people with interesting stories to tell as well as celebrities who wanted to plug a new movie or theatre production.

Up against the more lively entertainment programmes and series being broadcast by ITV, who had started broadcasting in Septemberviewers were no longer switching the show on in great s and so the BBC decided to cancel the TV transmissions.