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The cuisine of the Netherlands is characterized by being hearty and filling.

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This primer to the world of beer in the Netherlands covers everything you need to know, including topics such as:. Explore a whole world of beer from the comfort of your own home with Beerwulf. The Netherlands' leading online beer superstore is filled to the brim with Dutch brews, global beers, and your favorite kegs. You'll even be able to quench your thirst with Beerwulf's range of compact taps, giving you that special draught taste at home. Beer brewing in the Netherlands dates back well before the Middle Ages. In fact, British brewers incorporated hops into their production process when they discovered that Dutch beers used them.

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Jacob and I have done the hard research for you all, including which Dutch liquor brands to ask for at the bar and which drinks are actually good alcoholic drinks. How to drink jenever: You just sip the tiny amount near the top before sipping it. Young Jenever is an easier experience as Old Jenever i s much stronger with a more pungent flavor. Lover of travel, adventure, nature, city, dresses, and cats. It is certainly not for the faint hearted and does not enjoy the same popularity as gin.

Advocaat is also the word for lawyer in Dutch and seems to have been named as lawyers liked to drink this to prepare for trials back in the s. Available at for bars. Fun fact: Dutchies love licorice, so if you love it, try this. Not for shots. Someone must know. The Dutch prefer their gin with tonic and often there quite a few flavors of tonic one can choose from. The further east you go in Europe the crazier it gets.

Wondering what people drink in the Netherlands? Genever is nowadays considered an old-man kind of Netherlands, but is still easily found. Another Dutch herbal liquor, and this one is a crowd pleaser as it is very sweet and smooth and not very Lookin. I also like the fact that you can only find it in two locations, going to take note of that as a day trip from Amsterdam. Possible to find at drunk restaurants where they make their own advocaat.

Netherlands: food & drink

Bereft of Jenever, the English tried their own hand at making the drink, creating what is modern gin. The story goes that Jenever was once a popular export to England, however shipments were halted at some point in history due to hostilities breaking out.

This newer creamy Dutch liquor is made with coconut and banana with the consistency of a creamy drink. I recommend Jonge Jenever together with tonic for a first taste. Totally saving this list! It is named in honor of a Dutch female enlightenment era figure nicknamed Tessltje.

Thanks England! Advocaat is a traditional Dutch alcohol made from eggs, sugar, and brandy. For those of you overly concerned about my comparison to Jaegermeister, the spices are of a different flavor no licorice flavoring and the liquor is not nearly as strong. Not all of these are popular drinks in the Netherlands, but you might be surprised by how much you love some of these alcoholic beverages in the Netherlands. Mexico is really high on my bucket list and I think it would be great to learn more about the history….

I want to try the Oranjebitter and Beerenburg next time in Holland. Whenever the couple has a fight, the bride is supposed to give the groom a glass of this strong liquor as a reminder of the tears that she cried on her wedding day.

Some bars carry a bottle under the counter although it is generally not advertised. After hostilities ended, the English sent some of their gin to Netherlands who took to it immediately. You will not find some of Dutch alcohols easily. In liquor stores, one can find some very exotic tonics of the likes of watermelon and strawberry. It tastes like custard although it has a strong aftertaste.

As I sit here writing this, I have a small glass of Weduwe Joustra one variant at my side, as I have fallen in love with it. Nicer bars and liquor stores will stock these. This is the Dutch take on cognac.

This liquor made with the Beerenburg spices, which is functionally the tasty fusion of Schrobbeler and Weduwe Joustra. This unique beverage, which tastes similar to Jutterje, can only be found in the Hague at Van Kleef. Today, my husband and bring you an article that is over two years in the making: 13 different liqueurs and spirit drinks that you should try in the Netherlands. Juttertje goes down a bit too easily and comes from the beautiful Dutch island of Texel. I love the sound of these unique beverages! Hahaha, OMG you are one brave person!!

Possible to find if you try hard enough, but guaranteed to be found at the liquor store. I do too!

The liquor whose name translates to Widow Joustra was envisioned by a Dutch widow named Joustra, obviously as a way to make money after her husband had died. You can find a homemade version at Van Kleef in the Hague.

You can order it by itself on the rocks, but it is often paired with pineapple juice or orange juice. The spices take much of the edge off the liquor, making it wonderful to simply sip on its own while still tasting very much like liquor. Hence the two locations where this drink can be found. Help me out Karen. Apart from that, Schrobbeler is a very easy drink to enjoy. Many of these are quite strong, so we recommend trying these slowly over the course over a longer time period responsibly.

It is very salty.

Order with a cola. This post is an in depth introduction to alcohol in the Netherlands. Kruide Baggah is pretty smooth and a nice digestif. The taste is far smoother and tastier. Van Kleef is both a jenever museum as well as as shop, so you can try many of these drinks there. Says WTK Sonnema on the base — but what was the drink? This alcohol is much sweeter than Weduwe Joustra and more obviously herbal. It was created in the s in honor of battles won by Prince Frederik Hendrik.

The rules on selling alcoholic beverages to young people

It got famous thanks to Willem I of Orange [get it? I have tried dropshot I realize and regretted it. Thanks to Chantal from Alleen op reis for some of these recommendations. A friend from this region comes to every party armed with a bottle, just in case. Say it with your thickest French accent. You can actually find this drink outside of Texel in your neighborhood liquor store. This jenever derivative is more of a malt wine hence the name than its jenever counterparts.

13 interesting dutch spirits & liquors you must try in the netherlands

Currently living in the Hague, the Netherlands after stints in Paris and Amsterdam. It is typically taken straight and is very strong. She wanted to make something distinct from Genever and teamed up with a company that dealt in spices Beerenburg which she used to spice the liquor. I do find advocaat quite tasty, so I could see why your grandmother liked it so much. We drank so much Mezcal in Mexico. You can easily find it in any liquor store. I still have that image of myself, at 85, Lookin somewhere having an advocaat, haha.

She lived on the island of Texel, Netherlands the name. The Beerenburg spices are a secret spice mix that for been popularized in drunk a few Dutch spirits that hide their strength behind tasty spices.

A guide to dutch beer

Unfortunately there are only two locations where it can be found: Castle Muiderslot which is a great day trip from Amsterdam and on the island of Texel for the North of the Netherlands. Another Dutch spiced liquor is Schrobbeler. Genever is a traditional Dutch liquor that is the precursor to modern day gin. Often described as the Dutch answer to Jaegermeister, the description really gives the wrong impression. The most famous Jenever brand in the Lookin is Bols. Can be found at many bars. Dropshot is a newer Dutch liqueur made with licorice made by Kuyper.

It was recently relaunched and it is possible to find this at supermarkets [Jumbo]. She was a member of the Muiderkring, which was group of intellectuals who frequently met at Castle Muiderslot for discussions and socializing. If you enjoy anise, this spirit is for you. New Yorker—born and raised. Furthermore, it is a classy drink, with connotations of sipping on a drunk glass to keep warm at Netherlands.