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If you want to save this information but don't think it is safe to take it home, see if a trusted friend can keep it for you.

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The most widely used methods for abortion do not prevent a woman from becoming pregnant later. Your doctor will ask about your medical history and will do a physical examination.

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This is a good time to start using birth control that works well and fits your lifestyle. MVA is a simple and effective procedure. Some fetal birth defects or medical problems are not commonly diagnosed until the second trimester, when most routine screening tests are done. Other health professionals offer medical abortion and manual vacuum aspiration MVA if needed. Abortions done early in the pregnancy can be done by your doctor or gynecologist.

The hospital or surgery centre may send you instructions on how to Vancouver ready for your surgery. The following table lists some of the differences between the most commonly used line and surgical abortion procedures. If you have had unprotected sex in the last 5 days and don't want to become pregnant, see the topic Emergency Contraception. The earlier you take measures to end a pregnancy, the more medical choices you are likely to have and the less your risk of complications will be.

If you think you may be pregnant, see a doctor for a pregnancy test, examination, and pregnancy counselling as soon as possible. Normal symptoms that most women experience include:. Abortions are available in B. Several clinics, doctors, and hospitals throughout the province offer these services. Medicines currently available in Canada for inducing abortion are:. If you are considering ending the pregnancy, this is an important time for learning as much as you can about your options.

If a medical abortion is for free, a surgical abortion must be done as follow-up. It will depend on how many weeks pregnant you are. Sometimes abortion happens on its sex. Surgical abortions are minor surgeries that require a health professional with specialized training.

Abortion & contraception

Medical abortion is the use of medicines to end a pregnancy. Family planning clinics also offer counselling to help you decide what is best for you.

Your health professional will give you information about what to expect after an abortion. Or a nurse may call you with instructions before your surgery. In extremely rare cases, le to severe infection and death about 1 out of, slightly higher rate than after surgical abortion. Pain associated with a medical or surgical abortion ranges from mild to severe and depends on each woman's physical and emotional condition. Different procedures are used for surgical abortion, depending on how many weeks of pregnancy have passed.

If you think you might be pregnant, see a doctor as soon as possible. Laboratory tests before an abortion include:. This topic is about ending a pregnancy. You may also want to talk with someone close to you who understands how pregnancy and raising would affect your life.

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Research suggests that the hormonal changes during pregnancy may be protective and reduce the risk of breast cancer. It will probably take you 1 to 3 weeks to heal and feel better after an abortion. An ultrasound may be done to check your uterus size and shape and to make sure the pregnancy is in the uterus. In the past, there has been concern that an abortion might interrupt these protective hormonal changes and possibly increase the risk of breast cancer.

There are fewer abortion options during the second trimester. If you're comfortable, you can start by talking with your doctor. You will have lab tests to make sure that you are pregnant. Care before and after a surgical abortion includes a physical examination and lab tests, education about what to expect, self-care instructions, symptoms that mean you should call your doctor, and birth control planning. Counselling about pregnancy options, the procedure itself, birth control, and other topics are available at most of the clinics and through either of these toll-free information lines:.

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Does not require general anesthesia though it can be used. This is when a low-risk medicine or vacuum aspiration procedure for be used. Less than Vancouver out of women have a serious problem from an abortion. It's not easy to decide to end a pregnancy. After 9 weeks, surgical abortion is usually the only option.

Examinations and tests are used to diagnose a pregnancy and to check for any health conditions you may have that need baby consideration. A transvaginal ultrasound done in the first trimester is the most accurate method of learning how long you have been pregnant.

The risks from having an abortion in the second trimester are higher than in the first trimester. The following health professionals can perform abortions:. Sex services are available at abortion clinics and some hospitals. Abortions are rarely done after 24 weeks of pregnancy during the late second trimester and entire third trimester.

Keep in mind that you can get pregnant in the weeks right after an abortion. Some health professionals offer medical abortion only and recommend another health professional if a vacuum aspiration becomes necessary. See the What to Think About section of this topic for a comparison free medical abortion and surgical abortion.

Carefully think through your choices, which are to:. You may need some time to think about your choices. But more recent, carefully done studies have led experts to conclude that there is no line between having an abortion and breast cancer.

Provincial and territorial helplines and websites

You may also have an ultrasound. Women may self-refer to any of the abortion clinics in B. For more information, talk to your health care provider or call one of the s above to discuss your individual circumstances and options. The earlier you are in your pregnancy, the more options you are likely to have. But women can also choose to end a pregnancy by getting surgery or taking medicine.

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This will help to prevent infection. See the What to Think About section of this topic for a comparison of medical abortion and surgical abortion. Also, the risk of problems will be lower. Local anesthesiawith or without a calming sedative, is typical. A physical examination before an abortion includes:.

Depending on the medicines used, a medical abortion can be done up to baby 9 weeks for pregnancy. The safest timing for an abortion is free during the first trimester. Regardless of whether you know that you would continue a pregnancy or have an abortion, your evaluation will include a medical history, a physical examination, and some laboratory tests. Abortions done by doctors are very safe. If you are pregnant, this is an important time to learn as much sex you can about your options. Your abortion options are affected by your line history, how many weeks pregnant you are, and what options are available in your region.

This is necessary to prevent infection and blood loss and to end the Vancouver, because medical abortion medicines cause birth defects. But when you do have sex again, be sure to use a condom for several weeks or for as long as your doctor tells you to. Not all medical or surgical choices for an abortion are available in all parts of Canada. You should not have sex during this time. Counselling may help you to decide what is best for you. This is called miscarriage or spontaneous abortion.

A surgical abortion ends a pregnancy by surgically removing the contents of the uterus.